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Online Learning - SkillSoft

SkillSoft is your online training resource containing self-paced online and instructor-led training on a variety of topics, as well as access to a vast library via the Books 24x7 program. Best of all, Faculty, Staff and Students can access it all at no cost through the campus portal.

SkillSoft Resources

Learn about all SkillSoft training available for Students, Faculty and Staff. 

Faculty, Staff and Students - Directions to access SkillSoft

  1. Go to and login with your IdentiKey.

  2. Click on the Navigation tab.

    mycuinfo dashboard

  3. Select the CU Resources menu, then click training

    CU Resources menu - training

  4. Click Start Skillsoft.

    Click Start Skillsoft

  5. The Skillsoft Dashboard will open. To view available courses, click Library or select CU Boulder from the main display.

    Skillsoft dashboard. Select Library - CU Boulder

  6. Browse, search or select the course you would like to take. Click Learning Plan to view courses assigned to you specifically. 

    Skillsoft dashboard


SkillSoft's Books24x7 is a searchable library of thousands of digital books and online reference books, with new titles added every week. Enter the library by accessing SkillSoft through the myCUInfo portal and clicking on Books24x7 on the left side menu.

Refer to the following resources for help with Books24x7: