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Proctorio - Accessibility

Service Overview

Proctorio enables instructors to utilize machine learning and facial detection technology to remotely proctor exams to help discourage cheating. Proctorio scans a student’s ID and face, and then uses Canvas to verify the student’s identity. Additionally, while the student takes their exam, Proctorio captures audio, motion, and systemic changes to identify suspicious behaviors. 

Additional features include:

  • Customizing the rules for each exam, including exempting individual students from using Proctorio
  • Flagging suspicious behavior for subsequent review by the instructor to determine if cheating has occurred

Proctorio Accessibility Status

Proctorio is not accessible to individuals who are blind, low vision, use the keyboard only, and some individuals who have difficulty with mobility. These students would face insurmountable problems if forced to use Proctorio, specifically with being able to complete Proctorio's System Diagnostic Test and pre-check processes, and as such these students should be offered an alternative testing environment. 

Please note: Statements on this page about the accessibility of Proctorio are based on manual accessibility testing done by CU Boulder’s Digital Accessibility office in 2020 and may no longer represent the current status of the Proctorio software. These results haven’t been agreed on by Proctorio. Information regarding Proctorio’s accessibility documentation, including their VPAT, can be found on the Proctorio accessibility website.


Information for Users with Disabilities

Information for Screen Reader, Blind, or Low-Vision Users

  • The ID Card Scan process and instructions are entirely vision-based. Blind users are unable to determine where or how to hold the card; and low-vision users cannot read the manual scan instructions due to poor color contrast. 
  • The Webcam Image test (part of the pre-check process) is entirely vision-based. It cannot be successfully completed independently by blind users and is extraordinarily difficult, if not impossible, for low-vision users.
  • Completing the room scan is not possible for blind users and is difficult for low vision users. 

Information for Keyboard-Only Users, or Users who have Difficulty with Mobility

  • Some users with mobility difficulties may not be able to hold their card during the ID Card Scan process.
  • Completing the room scan is not possible for some individuals who may have difficulties with mobility. 
  • Accidental actions during quiz-taking can cause test-takers to be ejected from the quiz which requires going through all of the pre-checks again.

Information for Instructors

Students who request accommodations for mobility or vision disabilities should be exempted from using Proctorio for exams. Furthermore, it is recommended that faculty refrain from using the “smart scan” feature, which interrupts the exam at a random time and forces the student to engage in a scan of the room. To prevent this type of interruption, faculty can use the “Scan at Start” or “Record Room Off” options. 

Contact for support with proctoring alternatives if a student registered with Disability Services contacts you to request alternate testing arrangements.

For other questions about accessibility and accommodations in Proctorio, please reach out to a student's Access Coordinator or contact Disability Services at

Vendor Accessibility Documentation

Information regarding Proctorio’s accessibility policies and practices, including their VPAT, can be found on the Proctorio accessibility website.

Get Help or Provide Feedback

We want to hear from you about this service. If you’re having problems using this service or you have more information about the accessibility of this service that we should share with others on this webpage, please let us know by contacting the IT Service Center at or at 303-735-4357.