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Kaltura - Canvas Integration

Canvas Integration

In Canvas, instructors can upload media to Kaltura using the My Media option in the course navigation or through the Rich Content Editor. Consult our tutorial on Uploading Media to Kaltura in Canvas for additional details.

My Media is a private user-specific media repository. You can access media uploaded to My Media anywhere in Canvas, not just in the course in which it was originally uploaded. Other users in your course will not be able to view any content in your My Media repository unless it is added to a published item in your course (such as a Page, Announcement, or Discussion).

There is an additional Kaltura feature available in courses called Kaltura Media Gallery. The Media Gallery is essentially an open repository for instructors and students to share media with the course. This feature is disabled by default, but it can be enabled under your course settings in the Navigation tab.

Captions can be added to any video hosted in Kaltura in Canvas; please see our tutorial on adding captions to Kaltura media for more details.

DVD to Digital Media File Conversion

If your video content is on a DVD, you will first need to convert the DVD to a digital file format before uploading it into Kaltura. If you need assistance with this process, first contact your department to see if an affiliate unit (i.e. ALTEC) can assist you. If not, refer to Norlin Library's Streaming Media Conversion & Upload Service.