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Microsoft 365 - SharePoint Departmental Intranet Site


Department intranet sites can be used to help share information internally among staff members. SharePoint sites have been used at CU for document management, internal contact lists, staff and resource calendars, and announcements.

Requesting a Departmental Intranet site in SharePoint Online

To request a team site in SharePoint Online, submit the Sharepoint Site Request form on the OIT Messaging and Collaboration Request Portal. This form can be submitted by faculty and staff only. Students and other affiliates should contact the IT Service Center for assistance. You will be asked to provide the following information:

  • The name and IdentiKey username of the primary site administrator who will be responsible to managing the SharePoint site
  • The name and IdentiKey username of a backup site administrator who will have backup responsibility for managing the SharePoint site
  • A descriptive display name for the Intranet site – this will most often be your official Department name
  • Please indicate if you are interested in a SharePoint consult to assist in getting started with your SharePoint Online Intranet site

An OIT specialist will create the SharePoint Online site and get in touch with you once it's created.

Available templates for new sites

The most common site templates are Team site for collaboration and Publishing site for Intranet sites. However, additional Microsoft provided templates are also available when requesting a new SharePoint online site collection.