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CUClickers Frequency and Wireless Ratings

OIT recommends you set the receiver's frequency if you are teaching in a centrally scheduled room that has a CUClickers frequency sign posted on the wall. You can find receivers in the media cabinet. Listed below are room frequency assignments. Learn how to set iclicker receiver frequency

*Please Note: Instructor clickers are not provided in these media cabinets. Please bring your own or check one out from OIT.

Wireless Rating Legend

  • Great: iClicker mobile polling should work well! Wireless in entire building has been upgraded to the newest equipment to feature both upgraded speeds and density.
  • Good: iClicker mobile polling should work, though it could experience slowness and connection timeouts. Wireless has been upgraded to newer equipment within specific rooms but design does not take in account for whole building density.
  • Fair: iClicker mobile polling unlikely to work well. Wireless was designed for basic signal coverage for most rooms and can feature older wireless equipment. Wireless should be used sparingly in these rooms. Density can easily affect client speed and usability.
  • Poor: Avoid using iClicker mobile polling. Wireless was designed for basic signal coverage for the entire building and has older and outdated wireless equipment. Wireless should be avoided for teaching if possible.

Room Frequency Assignments