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Alumni Email - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to opt-in?

No. Starting with the May 2008 graduating class, graduates are automatically enrolled in the Email for Life program.

How do I access my email messages?

Use Exchange Online service which is accessible via a web client and email programs like Outlook. To log in, use your IdentiKey username and password.

How do I change my password?

You will be using your IdentiKey username and password to access your email via Exchange Online and you can use IdentiKey Manager to change your password.

Can I forward my account to a different address?

Yes. You can use IdentiKey Manager to set your email delivery location. Learn how to make that change.

Which email addresses will I be able to use to receive email?

Any personal email addresses that you were able to use to receive mail before you graduated. This includes and Secondary or group email addresses are not eligible.

December 2004 and prior graduates

I graduated before Spring 2005 and never opted-in. Can I still opt-in or get my email address back?

Request a sponsored Email for Life account through the Alumni Association.

How do I change my forwarding address?

You can use IdentiKey Manager to set your email delivery location.