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Wireless Considerations for CUClickers

OIT has assessed the wireless strength and capacity in all learning spaces, and the iClicker student app (Reef) was tested in several large lecture halls with the lowest wireless ratings, with mixed results. Rooms are categorized into four groups, and the ratings are published on the CUClickers Frequency Assignments and Wireless Ratings page.

OIT does not recommend using mobile polling in a room with a fair or poor rating. Instead, we suggest requiring your students to use an actual clicker remote. 

Reasons to use physical iClicker remotes in class

  • They work well, regardless of the wireless connection in a room.
  • Many students already own one.
  • A pool of clickers is available on a first come, first served basis at the Norlin Library circulation desk for a semester-long checkout.
  • Compatible with iClicker Cloud and the iClicker student app.
  • Registration is free on the iClicker student app.
  • iClicker remotes offer fewer distractions to students than mobile devices in class.

Recommended Best Practices for all iClicker users

  • Always use a wired ethernet connection for the instructor’s laptop. Interruptions in the instructor’s connection can result in lost grading data, the creation of new clicker sessions in your gradebook, and loss of the frequency ID on the classroom base station. Make sure you bring an ethernet cable adapter.
  • See our Instructor Resources page for syllabus statements concerning iClicker mobile polling and wireless.
  • All students should put all their non-clicker devices (computers, tablets, phones, watches--all but one device) into airplane mode for class.  
  • Students should connect to UCB Wireless or Eduroam, rather than UCB Guest, and should disconnect and reconnect to the Wi-Fi upon arrival to the room.
  • Regardless of whether you permit mobile polling, we recommend you use a base station, a wired ethernet connection, enable students to use clicker remotes if they choose, and limit your question type to multiple choice questions.
  • If you’re not using breakout rooms on Zoom, set your iClicker settings so image sharing occurs after polling has closed (see our tutorial on setting up iClicker). This supports engagement and reduces the amount of data traffic necessary to complete a clicker question.