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Proctorio - Suggested Syllabus Statement

Should you choose to use Proctorio in your course, we encourage you to include a statement like the following on your course syllabus.

Sample Syllabus Statement

We will be using the Proctorio Online Exam Proctoring Service in this course. Proctorio is a software extension in Chrome that uses your computer’s screen, web cam, and microphone to create a remote proctored environment, and enables you to take exams via Canvas in the location of your choice. You must have a strong and stable internet connection for Proctorio to work well. During the exam, you, your computer, your BuffOne Card, and the environment you are taking the exam in may all be recorded. 

For information about Proctorio’s privacy policies, please visit OIT’s Proctorio Privacy page. In addition to the instructor(s) and Teaching Assistants(s) of this course, Proctorio and CU Boulder’s Proctorio administrators are the only ones who will have access to the recordings. The Chrome browser extension must be installed before you can take the exam, and you can remove it once the exam is complete

I will be giving a practice exam so you can become familiar with using Proctorio, and surface any issues you may encounter with Proctorio.

There are limitations in Proctorio’s accessibility for those who utilize screen readers and keyboard navigation. Also, you must be over the age of 18 to consent to use Proctorio. If you have concerns about your ability to use or consent to use Proctorio, please contact me well ahead of the exam to discuss alternate arrangements.