Service Restored: VDI service running in a degraded state

Last Updated: 01/10/2019
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Start Date & Time

Wed, 01/09/2019 - 2:50pm

End Date & Time

Thu, 01/10/2019 - 12:35pm


Issue resolved on 1/9/19 at 12:35 pm: The VDI service has been fully restored. 

Issue updated on 1/09/2019 at 07:08PM

After rebooting servers are not allowing any connection.  SE has contacted VMware again and increased the severity of the existing ticket

Issue updated on 1/09/2019 at 05:35PM: The VDI service is undergoing a maintenance reboot of the connection servers in order to restore full functionality to the various virtual machine pools. This will cause an outage we do not anticipate will last for more than an hour.

Issue reported on 1/09/2019 at 02:50PM: The Virtual Desktop service used in OIT-Managed Computer Labs is running in a degraded state. It appears there are inconsistencies in some infrastructure components (View, vSphere) following the COMP firewall upgrade this morning. SE and EMS are investigating. The only reported problem is in LIBR E303, where all machines are unavailable, but EMS has found that some machines are not being provisioned correctly when users log off. This reduces the amount of desktops available in labs until the problem is resolved..  


Library E303. A ticket is open with VMWare, but an emergency reboot will likely be needed for the connection servers this afternoon around 5pm to minimize impact to users of the service.