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Hybrid Work Recommendations

As CU Boulder adjusts to a new hybrid working environment, many departments and individuals on our campus need resources and best practice recommendations for adjusting effectively. OIT has worked with departments on campus to learn what issues they've faced while working remotely, and we've put together this guide so that you can find solutions that work for you and your colleagues. We appreciate your feedback about our recommendations and will keep updating this guide as we continue to learn more about how the CU Boulder community adjusts to a hybrid environment. 

Depending on the question being addressed, some of our recommendations are straightforward suggestions based on industry best practices and OIT-supported services, while others are more flexible suggestions that require departmental standards to be developed and communicated to your team. Please return to this guide as necessary to answer questions and find resources for working in a hybrid environment.

How You Work

Your Files

Make sure your data is secure and accessible to you wherever you are

Your Computer

How to manage your computer and equipment in a hybrid work environment and how to get help

Your Meetings

Tips for setting up low-tech hybrid meetings, guides for joining and setting virtual meetings, as well as recommendations for small, medium, and large meeting spaces

Your Productivity and Collaboration

Why Microsoft Teams and the Office 365 suite are your go-to hybrid work apps, along with best practices, tips and tricks

Your Network Access

When to use VPN and guidance for wireless networks on campus

Your Phone

How desk phones will work in a hybrid working environment, along with guidance to forward your phone and get voicemails delivered to your inbox