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Proctorio - Student FAQ

Which browsers can I use with Proctorio?

Proctorio can only be used with Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. Be sure your computer meets Proctorio's System Requirements

What can Proctorio access?

The browser extension has access to view your web activity and your screen, as well as checking for any peripherals, such as extra monitors, that have been prohibited by your instructor. During your exam, Proctorio will record audio and video of your test-taking setting. If your instructor requires it, Proctorio may require you to use your computer’s camera to record a 360 degree view of your testing environment. All recordings are processed by AI before a summary is made available to your instructor.

What are the exam rules?

The exam rules are set by each instructor. Check your course documentation or ask your instructor what rules apply during the exam.

Can I take a practice test?

OIT has advised instructors to set up practice exams for their students. If your instructor has not set one up, reach out to them to request one.

How should I prepare for my exam?

Review the exam rules, which are set by each instructor and often mirror what you would do in a physical classroom. Rules typically include things like clearing your work surface, putting away your phone and disconnecting any peripherals like a second monitor. You will likely be required to stay in your seat once the exam begins, so take care of your needs beforehand by filling a water bottle and using the restroom. Leave plenty of time to complete the pre-check before your exam begins.

Visit OIT's Getting Started for Students tutorial to make sure your computer is set up and meets technical requirements before starting an exam. 

Where should I take my exam?

Be thoughtful about where you will take your exam so that you can minimize distractions. Choose a comfortable location with good internet connectivity, little to no noise, good lighting, and where others are not present to make your experience the best it can be (e.g., no coffee shops, roommates or family members). If your home environment is not conducive to taking an exam, speak to your instructor about alternatives.

What if Proctorio decides I cheated? Can Proctorio dock my grade?

Proctorio only provides a summary of your activity during the test to your instructor. If Proctorio flags anything, it is up to your instructor to determine whether cheating occurred. If anything is in doubt, your instructor should reach out to you to clarify what may have happened.

If Proctorio flags something that your instructor determines is a violation of the honor code, they would follow the same process that an in-person test requires. Any incidents submitted to the Office of Student Conduct & Conflict Resolution would not result in a determination without input from the student. For more information, view the CU Honor Code.

Will Proctorio kick me out mid-exam if it suspects I am cheating?

Proctorio should not simply kick a student out of the exam, unless something has gone seriously wrong. If this happens, navigate back to the quiz and proceed, and let your instructor know what happened.

What if my access to the exam is interrupted due to technical issues?

Contact your instructor to let them know you lost access to the exam, so that they know you will need additional time. As soon as you are able, attempt to access the exam and continue. Your exam will still be available, unless your allotted time in Canvas has run out.

Is Proctorio accessible if I use assistive technology or have a disability?

Proctorio has not been tested by CU Boulder’s Accessibility & Usability Lab for accessibility. If you are registered with Disability Services and are concerned about being able to access this service or if you think you will need any adjustments to your accommodations, please contact your Access Coordinator and instructor right away to identify an alternative to using Proctorio. If there is sufficient time before the exam, your instructor can set up a practice exam so you can test out Proctorio in advance. If you are unsure of who your Access Coordinator is, please contact Disability Services at

What about my privacy?

Online proctoring software temporarily records activity on a test-taking computer and in the student’s test-taking environment. OIT and CU Boulder take the privacy of students very seriously, and have chosen a proctoring software that is less invasive than other options while still offering instructors the oversight they desire. Proctorio will record activity only when enabled while students are actively taking an exam. Recordings of exams are encrypted, processed by artificial intelligence and a summary is made available to the instructor. Proctorio is deactivated and can be uninstalled when the exam is complete.

Find more about privacy while using Proctorio on the Privacy Information page.

Does Proctorio use facial recognition software?

Proctorio uses facial detection software, rather than facial recognition software. Facial detection software is used to detect the presence of a face. Facial recognition or identification software is used to detect the presence of a particular person’s face. Proctorio’s software is used to determine if the camera is working and that only one person is present. Next, Proctorio attempts to determine whether a student looks away from the exam for too long, detect if the student leaves the testing environment, and determine if a secondary face is present within the testing environment. Proctorio does not collect or store any biometric information.

(Citation: Inside Higher Ed, 4/30/2020, “University of Venus, Response from Proctorio”)

Is Proctorio’s facial detection software discriminatory?

There is some evidence that algorithm-based facial detection software is biased towards white, male users. However, Proctorio does not use their software to track the identity of the user; in fact, Proctorio does not collect any biometric information. The facial detection software is used only to confirm that the camera is working properly and to record the test-taker’s movements during the proctored exam. If Proctorio cannot identify your face during the verification process, you will not be permitted to take the exam. If this happens to you, please contact your instructor to request alternate arrangements for taking your exam.

How do I uninstall Proctorio?

After your exam, you can either deactivate or uninstall Proctorio.

  • Google Chrome: Go to File > Preferences. On the left navbar, select Extensions. Find Proctorio in the list. You can toggle it on or off, or you can select “Remove” to uninstall it entirely.
  • Microsoft Edge: Right-click the extension icon next to the address bar, then select Remove from Microsoft Edge > Remove.
What happens to the recordings after an exam? Are they retained for a certain period of time?

Recordings are stored for one year (366 days) after the last attempt.