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Service Restored: Issue Preventing Large File Transfer Access

Submitted by chso8299 on Fri, 09/10/2021 - 12:04 PM

Start Date & Time

End Date & Time


Service Restored at 4:30 pm on 9/16/21: OIT has resolved the underlying issue with the LFT system and restored the service to its original state.

Service Issue Updated at 2:02 pm on 9/10/21: OIT has implemented a workaround that will allow user to transfer files normally for the LFT system. The underlying issue is still being evaluated. 

Service Issue Reported at 11:44 am on 9/10/2021: OIT has been made aware of an Issue that is keeping users from being able to share files using our Large File Transfer (LFT) system . OIT is currently investigating solutions but there is no ETA for resolution at this time.