Service Maintenance Completed: Wi-Fi in Multiple Buildings

Last Updated: 05/26/2020
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Start Date & Time

Wed, 05/27/2020 - 7:00am

End Date & Time

Wed, 05/27/2020 - 8:00am


Update at 8 am: Maintenance is complete and services have been tested and verified.

Wi-Fi connectivity will be unavailable in many main campus buildings (see Affected Buildings) between 7 am and 8 am on Wednesday, May 27, while software is updated on the ENGR Wi-Fi controller. This update is necessary to fix bugs and address security advisories.


Wireless services, including UCB Wireless, UCB Guest, and eduroam, will be unavailable in many main campus buildings (see Affected Buildings) between 7 am and 8 am on Wednesday, May 27.

Affected Services

UCB Wireless, UCB Guest, and eduroam

Affected Buildings

  • (ATLS) Roser Atlas Center
  • (C4C) Center For Community
  • (CASE) Center For Academic Success And Engagement
  • (CHMP) Champions Center
  • (CUPD) Police & Parking Services Center (Pdps)
  • (DALW) Dal Ward Athletic Center
  • (DDW) Duane D-Wing
  • (DEN) Denison Arts & Sciences Building
  • (DLC) Discovery Learning Center
  • (DUAN) Duane Physics
  • (ECAD) Engineering Administration Wing
  • (ECAE) Engineering Aerospace Wing
  • (ECCE) Engineering Civil & Environmental Wing
  • (ECCR) Engineering Classroom Wing
  • (ECCS) Engineering Computer Science Dept
  • (ECEE) Engineering Electrical Wing
  • (ECES) Environmental Sustainability Wing
  • (ECME) Engineering Mechanical Wing
  • (ECNT) Engineering North Tower
  • (ECOT) Engineering Office Tower
  • (ECSL) Engineering Stores & Labs
  • (ECST) Engineering South Tower
  • (EDEP) East District Energy Plant
  • (EHSC) Environmental Health & Safety
  • (ENVD) Environmental Design Building
  • (GROC) Grounds And Recycling Operations Center
  • (GUGG) Guggenheim Geography Building
  • (HEND) Henderson Building (Museum)
  • (HLMS) Hellems Arts & Sciences Building
  • (IBS8/GVAS) Center For Native American & Indigenous Studies (Cnais)
  • (IPRC) Indoor Practice Facility
  • (ITLL) Drescher Undergraduate Engineering
  • (KOBL) Koelbel Building - Leeds School Of Business
  • (LESS) Lesser House
  • (LOT416) Parking Lot 416
  • (MTRS) Mountain Research Center
  • (OBSV) Sommers-Bausch Observatory
  • (PDPS) Police & Parking Services Center
  • (PENN) 1221 Pennsylvania Avenue
  • (REC) Student Recreation Center
  • (STAD) Stadium Building
  • (STSB) Stadium Sky Box
  • (STTB) Stadium Ticket Building
  • (TB19) University Administrative Center Annex
  • (TB88) Temporary Building 88
  • (TB93) Temporary Building 93
  • (TB97) Temporary Building 97
  • (TTO) Technology Transfer Office
  • (UCTR) University Administrative Center
  • (URES) University Residence
  • (WDBY) Woodbury Arts & Sciences Building
  • (WLAW) Wolf Law Building