CUClickers - Instructor Technological Resources

Last Updated: 11/26/2018


This page has many technological resources for instructors, including software downloads and step-by-step tutorials.


  1. Before the start of each semester, make sure you are using the most recent OIT provided i>clicker software. Download CUClicker software (login required)
  2. Please trade in any receiver lacking a blue sticker for one with a sticker. The blue sticker indicates that the receiver has newest firmware and is necessary for compatibility with the campus CUClicker service and to record student data. To return your old i>clicker receiver and get a new one, contact the IT Service Center.
    Swap Receiver

First steps for using CUClickers in your course

  1. Check to see if the classroom you are teaching in has an i>clicker receiver in the media cabinet.
  2. Download CUClickers software
  3. Set up CUClickers software for Macintosh or Windows. Learn more about using i>clickers with the resources below.
  4. LMS Roster IntegrationD2LCanvasManual
  5. Upload Grades to an LMSD2LCanvas

Instructor Kit User Guide

Each i>clicker Instructor Kit comes with a user guide. The guide topics include general information, best practices, recommendation, and frequently asked questions. (Download guide here)

For assistance using clickers, see OIT's CUClicker video tutorials on YouTube.

How to use CUClickers

Support Area Description
General Use Learn the basics about operating i>clicker and i>grader, as well as how to download roster files from MyCUinfo.
Classrooms with Receivers Most classrooms across campus have i>clicker receivers stationed in media cabinets.
Receiver Check Out Form If the room you're teaching in does not have a receiver, or if you'd like to check out a receiver for a trial, you can pick one up at the IT Service Center. The check out duration is for one semester.
Help Your Students Resources to help your students register their i>clicker remote and set remote frequency.
Room Frequency Assignments Get prepared early. Review the room frequency assignments for each classroom.

Pedagogical Resources

If you are looking for ways to effectively incorporate clickers into your classroom, including best practices, how to write clicker questions and much more, please visit the Instructor Pedagogical Resources page.