CUClickers - Instructor Resources

Last Updated: 01/08/2021

Using CUClickers

  1. Download and install iClicker Cloud
  2. Create an iClicker Cloud account
  3. Create a class
  4. If teaching a hybrid or in-person class, add the iClicker+ remote to your book order
  5. Add iClicker Sync to your Canvas course
  6. Inform your students they will need to:
  7. Create questions
  8. Poll the class 

Watch  video from iClicker for an overview of how to use iClicker Cloud in class.

Syllabus Statement

Use this text in your syllabus to inform your students about the use of Clickers in your class:

This class utilizes the iClicker system to enhance learning and reward participation in class discussions. [For classes with face-to-face component only: Please purchase an iClicker if you do not already own one, and use it when you are in class.] You will need to Create an iClicker Reef account and link your iClicker to it in order for your clicker grade to be counted in my gradebook. You will not need to purchase an iClicker Reef subscription to use mobile polling for Spring 2021. You will also need to register for my course in Reef, and link your Reef account to Canvas. Information on how to do this is located on the CUClickers Student Resources page.

When you are participating in class remotely, you will need to use your iClicker Reef account to answer polls during class. You can either use the account from a web browser, or install the iClicker Reef app on a cell phone or tablet. Clicker fraud (sharing clickers, clicking in for someone else, or otherwise cheating using a clicker) is a violation of CU Boulder's honor code. Learn more about the honor code.

Receiver Compatibility

Trade in any receiver lacking a blue sticker for one with a sticker. The blue sticker indicates that the receiver has newest firmware and is necessary for compatibility with the campus CUClicker service and to record student data. To return your old i>clicker receiver and get a new one, contact the IT Service Center.

Swap Receiver icon

Pedagogical Resources

If you are looking for ways to effectively incorporate clickers into your classroom, including best practices, how to write clicker questions and much more, please visit the Instructor Pedagogical Resources page.