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JFrog Artifactory is a single-tool universal repository for data and artifacts for software developers. It uses different technologies to increase productivity, reduce maintenance efforts, and promote integration between different platforms.

OS: MacOS Windows Linux
Affiliation: Faculty Staff Students


There is no fee for Artifactory, and it is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Who can get it

Artifactory is available to all departments, faculty, staff, and students on the Boulder campus, including personal computers.

How to get it

Log in to to provision your account.

Please note: At this time there is no equivalent for group (LDAP/AD) management, which means that CU Boulder users can add collaborators individually, but you will not be able to add campus (LDAP/AD) groups as collaborators.

Request Repository

To request a new repository, visit the OIT Messaging and Collaboration Request Portal. Select New Artifactory Repo and complete the form. If you need more than one repository, submit the form multiple times.

Manage Repository Permissions

Once a user has logged in to Artifactory (to make sure their account is provisioned), you may grant them access to repositories you own by Managing Repository Permissions.