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YuJa Enterprise Video Platform Implementation Project

Project Overview

After a procurement process to identify a new enterprise video platform in fall 2022, the YuJa Video Platform was identified as the best vendor for a campus-wide video solution. During the soft launch of the YuJa Video Platform our project team encountered several concerning issues including a number of migration defects and platform functionality deficiencies. In the best interest of the campus, the decision was made to stop our rollout of YuJa and to pivot to an alternative solution to replace Kaltura.  

Access to YuJa will end on Thursday, November 16th. Before that date, users can download any videos they created on the YuJa platform in bulk or individually. Any videos that were migrated from Kaltura to YuJa remain available on Kaltura. Kaltura will continue to be the supported video platform through 2024. We are encouraging instructors and students to continue to host content through the existing video platforms Kaltura Video Platform or Canvas Studio.


The project is in progress. We are currently working on decommissioning the YuJa platform and evaluating our existing video platform, Canvas Studio, as a replacement of Kaltura and a viable alternative to YuJa. Canvas Studio is implementing significant improvements in the area of accessibility, administration, and analytics, as well as other functionality enhancements across the platform. While this is in progress, we will continue to support Kaltura as the current campus video platform and will share any updates as soon as feasible.