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YuJa Enterprise Video Platform Implementation Project

Project Overview

After a successful procurement process in fall 2022, OIT is excited to announce that the transition from our existing enterprise video platform Kaltura to our new platform YuJa will begin this August. The transition will occur in stages over the next three semesters, fall 2023 - fall 2024, and is being planned in a way to make user experience as smooth as possible.. Although much of our campus utilizes our current enterprise video network Kaltura to integrate video content within course materials, our vendor integrations with Canvas LMS allow for a seamless transition from one vendor to the other. 

By replacing video distribution network platforms we expect users to benefit from a more intuitive user experience, increased security and accessibility for users, and improved functionality for content editing and management. Additionally, this change will lead to cost efficiencies and adheres to multiple of OIT’s Technical and Business Operating Principles. We do not expect any disruption to OIT’s other services, including video hosted through Canvas Studio, during the transition period.  

The transition from Kaltura to Yuja will occur over the course of the next calendar year with a final transition date to occur during the fall 2024 semester. Content currently hosted through Kaltura will be copied over to Yuja in multiple phases, aligned with the semester schedule, and will still be available in the Kaltura platform throughout the transition. Video content will be available on both platforms through the fall 2024 semester. Access to Kaltura will end directly concluding the fall 2024 semester.


The project is in progress. We are currently working with both vendors on copying content from Kaltura to YuJa and validating it, in addition to configuring the YuJa platform for the campus.  

Project Timeline and Milestones 

The anticipated schedule for this project includes the following milestones:

Summer 2023
  • YuJa platform testing and configuration, early adopter access begins.
  • Kaltura remains available for use. 
Fall 2023
  • YuJa becomes available for use to students and faculty, newly added content is copied to YuJa. 
  • YuJa support documentation and training are available to users. 
  • Kaltura remains available for use. 
Spring 2024
  • YuJa becomes the preferred video delivery platform.
  • Content from the fall 2023 semester and prior has been copied to YuJa platform.
  • Kaltura is available by request. 
Summer 2024
  • YuJa becomes the default video delivery network.
  • Spring 2024 Kaltura content is copied to the YuJa platform. 
  • OIT trainings are available for students and faculty. 
Fall 2024
  • Kaltura is available on a case by case basis.
  • Final content copy is completed at the end of the Fall 2024.


When can I gain access?

The YuJa Media integration will be available in your Canvas account starting on August 21, 2023. After that date, interested instructors can enable the integration by dragging and dropping the navigation link into your Canvas sandbox course or semester course. More detailed support documentation can be found on this Canvas Instructor Guide. Additional training and support resources will be available on OIT’s YuJa Service Page in the future.

What will be migrated from Kaltura to YuJa?

We expect to move the vast majority of content currently hosted in Kaltura to the new YuJa platform. The transition will involve migrating a total of over 87,000 unique media entries comprising almost 2.5 billion hours of content. Course video content that is currently embedded through Canvas will undergo an automatic transition to update the source video from Kaltura to the new YuJa platform in the future.

Where can I find more information about this project?

Please check back to this project page regularly for updates and reach out to with any specific questions or concerns.