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Mail Security Upgrade

Project Overview 

CU Boulder currently utilizes Cisco IronPort for email routing and sanitation (Spam, Phishing, and Malware removal). This project will migrate all outbound SMTP mail through Microsoft’s Exchange Online Protection and Advanced Threat Protection. Migrating to Microsoft’s offering provides enhanced security, cost efficiency by “bundling” licensing, and provides a cost-effective path for other ongoing projects in OIT.

Phase 1: Multi-function devices, applications and other scripts

The first phase of this project will focus on updating Multi-function devices (MFD) and applications and other scripts that relay through Over the course of fall 2022, all MFD on campus that utilize scan to email functionality will be reconfigured to a new server in order to work with the new IronPort routing. Other applications and scripts that use will also need to be updated to continue to function.

Phase 2: Inbound Mail

During OIT will be migrating our email safety and security technology to Microsoft 365. Before we roll this change out to all of our customers, OIT staff will be enrolled in a pilot of the feature set that includes anti-SPAM, anti-malware, and phishing protection, and more. Upon successful completion of the pilot, this change will then be implemented for all email users.

Project Status

This is an active project. 

Project Dates & Deadlines

  • October 2021: Project kickoff 
  • Fall 2022: Update Multi-function devices on campus
  • January - February 2023: Inbound Mail pilot
  • Spring 2023: Phase 2 Inbound Mail implementation campuswide 
  • June 2023: IronPort renewal deadline

Project Information & Resources 


How do I update my printer/server settings to work with the new routing? 

Visit the Multi-function device setup page for detailed instructions and tips for reconfiguring your server settings. 

I'm having trouble updating my configuration. What should I do? 
I have previously set up an external email address to send email using Will this continue to work? 

No. If you have previously set up a personal Gmail account to “send as” your account (see following screenshots), this no longer works as has been replaced. gmail settings

send email through smtp server gmail setup

OIT recommends deleting this setting from your personal gmail account and directly logging in to your CU Boulder Gmail to send email.

If you would like to send from your CU Boulder Gmail account using an email program rather than the web interface (e.g. outlook, apple mail, etc.), please use our configuration instructions for Gmail on the OIT website.