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Last Updated: 04/23/2020

Free IDL Software

OIT is temporarily providing IDL software licenses free of charge to CU Boulder students, instructors, and researchers affected by the COVID-19 situation at no cost until normal campus operations resume. To order a license, please visit OIT’s Order Software page and provide the name of the course or research project that requires the software.


 IDL and ENVI are available for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux workstations. For labs, a single network license server (Windows and Linux only) can provide licensing for all the clients. Faculty, staff and students may download installers for the software; CU Boulder username and IdentiKey password are required. (Note: An X-Windows manager is required for Macintosh; download and install XQuartz from their website.)

The current versions are IDL 8.7 + ENVI 5.5.


A new or upgrade license involves a $30 service fee.

Who can get it

IDL/ENVI licenses (via our site license) are available for faculty and student and university-owned computers of the University of Colorado Boulder. Generally this means computers in the domain or used in pursuing a degree at CU Boulder. Users are to uninstall this software when they graduate or otherwise leave the campus permanently.

How to get it

Submit the OIT software order form.

Allow up to 2 business days to receive the license information once you've made the purchase.

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