CUClickers / i>clickers

Last Updated: 06/02/2017


The CUClickers, or i>clicker technology, allows students to participate in classes and answer questions provided by the instructor. OIT’s i>clicker service is available in most classrooms and lecture hall media cabinets.


  1. Before the start of each semester, make sure you are using the most recent OIT provided i>clicker software. Download CUClicker software (login required)
  2. Please trade in any receiver lacking a blue sticker for one with a sticker. The blue sticker indicates that the receiver has newest firmware and is necessary for compatibility with the campus CUClicker service and to record student data. To return an old i>clicker receiver and get a new one, contact the IT Service Center.
    Swap Receiver


  • Uses i>clicker software and remotes.
  • Integrates with learning management system gradebooks.
  • i>clicker base stations are available in most classrooms and large lecture halls across campus.
  • A student’s i>clicker remote is associated with his or her CU Login Name. This feature allows instructors to gather data on student responses.


  • Allows students to participate in classes in an interactive manner.
  • Instructors can spark class participation.
  • Allows instructors to gather participation data.
  • Improves student learning when used according to best practices.


  • i>clicker infrastructure is provided as a common-good to the campus which means there is no direct cost to you or your department.

Who can get it

  • i>clicker remotes are available to all CU-Boulder faculty, staff and students.

How to get it