Last Updated: 01/03/2020

What is PlayPosit?

PlayPosit is an interactive video tool that allows instructors to layer your own custom lesson (quiz questions, text prompts, images, etc.) over video content. Using video from YouTube, Kaltura or other sources, instructors can add images, text, or a variety of quiz questions, share the lesson with their students for completion, and then monitor student activity and engagement through the analytics collected by the platform. PlayPosit also allows instructors to incorporate feedback and can be an excellent platform for formative assessment.

Who should use PlayPosit?

PlayPosit allows you to create interactive videos. These can be helpful if you want to:

  • Add a layer of engagement to out-of-class video assignments
  • Flip your classroom
  • Test students’ comprehension of video material using quiz questions embedded in the video
  • Ensure your students watch video assignments in their entirety

PlayPosit Use Cases

New Features

PlayPosit migrated to version 3.0 on August 22! The updated version of PlayPosit has many new features, including:

  • Interactions: New options for interactions, and modular format to easily swap one question type for another.
  • Adjustable Speed: Speed up to watch videos faster, or slow down to focus on more complex content.
  • Searchable Transcripts: Users can easily search, navigate, and export PlayPosit video transcripts.
  • Analytics: Monitor each bulb to see how many learners have watched a video, see completion status and performance.
  • Download Materials: Users can download notes and/or slides to reference while not watching the video.
  • Video hosting changes: Users are no longer able to host videos on PlayPosit. Instead, use Kaltura, Youtube, or Vimeo.

How to get started

Faculty, staff, and students can access PlayPosit by logging in with their IdentiKey at Faculty can also integrate PlayPosit within their courses in Canvas. Review the following tutorials for more information.


CU Boulder has a campus wide license of PlayPosit. PlayPosit is a common-good service for the campus, which means there is no direct cost to an individual or department.


Support for PlayPosit is provided by the vendor. Submit questions or concerns to Schedule a consultation with Emily Bleibel, CU Boulder's PlayPosit Account Manager. You can also review tutorials/guides in PlayPosit's Knowledge Base. Live chat is available between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. MST within PlayPosit.

PlayPosit Accessibility

CU Boulder is committed to providing help information and assistance with campus services for all users, including those with accessibility concerns. PlayPosit accessibility considerations, information for content creators, alternatives/workarounds, and more can be found on the PlayPosit Accessibility page.