Learn how to add Digication ePortfolios to your course curriculum

Last Updated: 04/01/2020

Digication ePortfolio is a web-based tool that gives learners the ability to easily publish work online as professional and customizable presentations. Instructors are invited to join one of the following workshops which will provide an orientation to the use of ePortfolios for teaching, learning, and assessment at the course and program levels. Workshop participants will engage with the key functionalities and tools within Digication as they design an ePortfolio assignment and build an ePortfolio template for their course. This workshop includes integration points with the Canvas learning management system.

Sessions are available on:

Learning objectives include:

  • Define ePortfolio as a process ("folio thinking") and a product
  • Describe different ways ePortfolio can be used at the course and program levels in Higher Ed
  • Design an ePortfolio assignment for their course
  • Utilize key tools and functionalities within Digication
  • Build an ePortfolio template in Digication
  • Add Digication to their Nav Bar in Canvas
  • Share the template with students via the course in Canvas
  • Describe what students need to do in order to make their ePortfolios available to the instructors via Canvas