Office 365 - Install and Setup Office 365 apps for iOS

Last Updated: 08/16/2017
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The following documentation steps through the process of installing and logging into a Microsoft Office application on iOS (screenshots correlate to Microsoft Word). Refer to the list below for download locations for available applications.

Available iOS applications:

Step 1

In the App Store, find the app you wish to install, then tap Get.

Step 2

Enter your App Store credentials to begin download.

Step 3

The application will download and install. When completed tap Open to log into the application.

Step 4

After the application opens, you will be presented with a few introductory information pages. Swipe to the third screen.

Step 5

Tap Sign in.

Step 6

Enter your in the email address field, then tap Next.

Step 7

Tap Work account if prompted to choose account type.

*Note: If you are using your account for a Microsoft personal account, you may have to tap Work or school account again.

Step 8

Enter your and IdentiKey password, then tap Sign in.

Step 9

Your credentials will be confirmed and your account will be set up.