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D2L - Using GradeMark

Last Updated: 04/03/2017
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GradeMark is a feature of Turnitin (a plagiarism protection tool) that allows for an instructor to make comments on student papers, similar to Track Changes in Microsoft Word. The documentation below demonstrates how to access and use GradeMark from within a Desire2Learn course.

*Note: In order to use GradeMark you must enable plagiarism protection in a Dropbox folder and be familiar with Turnitin. To learn about how to use Turnitin with your D2L course please visit the Turnitin Plagiarism Protection page.

This tutorial is operating system independent.

Step 1

Log into your course and from the Assignments drop-down menu click Dropbox.

Step 2

Click on the assignment that you wish to markup using GradeMark.

Step 3

Click on the colored square in the Turnitin Similarity column next to the desired student submission.

*Note: In order for students to see your feedback, Plagiarism Detection must be enabled for the Dropbox folder and the Allow submitters to see Originality Reports: box must be checked in the Plagiarism Detection Options section of the Dropbox folder properties. Learn more about this process at the Using Turnitin page.

Step 4

Click on GradeMark.

Step 5

You can leave a general comment by selecting text and clicking the Comment button, or by dragging the Comment button onto the submission.

*Note: This step through step 16 are done in the QuickMark section view. For information on the other sections please refer to step 17.

Step 6

A comment window will appear. Type in your comment and then click Save.

Step 7

Your comment will minimize.

To view it simply hover over the comment with your cursor and the comment will expand. You can edit your comment or delete comment by clickin gthe trash can icon.

Step 8

If you would like to enter text directly onto the document:

  1. Click on the Text button (shown to the left)
  2. Click where you would like the text to exist on the document, and type your message.

Step 9

GradeMark contains preset "marks" including but not limited to:

  • Awkward
  • Comma Splice
  • Citation Needed
  • Vague
  • Missing Quotations
  • Run-on

Step 10

Add these in the same manner that a general comment is added. The mark will have a default comment, but you can add additional comments. To do this simply type in your comment and then click Save.

Step 11

GradeMark contains many collections of mark sets. To view these click the list icon, as shown to the left.

Step 12

If you wish to edit mark sets or view them in further detail click the Settings icon (wrench).

A new window will appear displaying the sets and the marks they contain.

Step 13

You can create a new mark set by:

  1. Clicking the + sign in the Sets section.
  2. Typing a name for the set, then clicking Save.

Step 14

Add marks to a set by:

  1. Selecting desired marks in the Marks column (Hold Ctrl/Command or Shift to select multiple)
  2. Click Actions.
  3. Click the set you wish to add marks to from the Add to set tab.

Step 15

Create a new mark by:

  1. Clicking the + sign in the Marks section.
  2. Typing a title and description for the mark.
  3. Click Save.

Step 16

There are a few editting views for GradeMark (image numbers correspond to numbers below):

  1. QuickMark: Add QuickMarks or comments (steps 6-16)
  2. General Comments: Add any general comments for the submission. Do this by:
    • Typing your comments in the text area, then clicking Save.
  3. Comment List: View how many comments exist on each page and the comments.
  4. Rubric: This option should not be used. It is recommended to create a rubric using Desire2Learn in order to have the scores link to a course grade book.

Step 17

When you are finished commenting, simply close your GradeMark browser window/tab. Changes and comments are saved while creating comments.

Step 18

In the Dropbox submission feedback window it is recommended to leave some instructions on how to view GradeMark feedback, as it can be a bit confusing. You can also direct students to the Viewing GradeMark feedback tutorial.

Sample Instructions:

To view comments for your paper:

  1. Click the Originality Report icon above (displays a percentage and color as an indication of similarity index). 
  2. When the report appears, click GradeMark. 
  3. Mouse over the markups to view markup details.

Step 19

When finished adding comments, click Publish.

Step 20

To leave the feedback screen and view other submissions, click the Back to Folder Submissions link.

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