Site Licenses - ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Online, Esri E-Learning

Last Updated: 09/25/2018


Esri provides GIS (Geographic Information System) software for both the desktop computer and for online use, and instructional courses about GIS and about the Esri software. Working with GIS is useful across a wide range of disciplines, not just for viewing maps but for transforming, analyzing, manipulating, and modeling geographic data.


ArcGIS Online

  • Available to students and faculty
  • Online collaborative web GIS allows users to view, create and share maps, apps, layers, analytics, and data
  • Includes ArcGIS Pro license
  • Use the ArcGIS Online Request form to request an account

Esri E-Learning

  • Available to students and faculty
  • Includes self-paced courses, seminars, videos, and other resources covering a wide variety of topics
  • Use the ArcGIS Online Request form to request an account

ArcGIS Desktop

  • For faculty and university-owned computers only
  • Available for Windows only
  • Includes desktop GIS applications ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro, and extensions including 3D Analyst and Spatial Analyst
  • Esri Data files, including 2010 Census and other recent socioeconomic and demographic data
  • Instructors of GIS-related courses or programs may request free student licenses


The site license for Esri ArcGIS software is provided as a common good to CU Boulder, and no direct fees are involved.

Who can get it

  • CU Boulder students and faculty/staff may request ArcGIS Online accounts, and access to Esri E-Learning
  • CU Boulder faculty/staff may download ArcGIS Desktop & license for academic use on university-owned and personal computers. Please note that site licensing for the Desktop app does not extend to students
  • CU Boulder instructors of GIS-related courses or programs may request free student licenses for ArcGIS Desktop
  • CU Boulder faculty/staff may request other Esri software or services as needed

How to get it

  • For ArcGIS Desktop and other apps and census data, faculty and staff may download from the cuservices server; it will accept IdentiKey and password for faculty and staff only.
  • For ArcGIS Online end Esri E-Learning, students and faculty may use the ArcGIS Online Request form.
  • For ArcGIS Server, License Managers, or other Esri products, facultyand staff may specify requests by email to

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