ArcGIS Desktop - Install & Authorize

Last Updated: 02/06/2018
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Before beginning installation, download the following files from the How To Get It section of the ArcGIS Desktop page

  1. ArcGIS Desktop installer (a large "exe" file)
  2. Provisioning file (a "prvc" file) used for licensing

Step 1

After downloading the ArcGIS installer, right-click on the ArcGIS_Desktop installer file icon and select Run as administrator.

Step 2

The installer will unpack an archive of intermediate files into a temporary location. The program unpacks the files into the Documents folder by default, but you can choose another location by clicking Browse. When installation is complete, you may remove the intermediate files manually.

Step 3

When extraction is complete, ensure that Launch setup is checked before closing the window.

Step 4

When the welcome window opens, click Next

Step 5

Select I accept the license agreement, then click Next

Step 6

Under Installation Type, select Complete and click Next

Step 7

Note the final location of ArcGIS in your C:\ Program files. Click Next

Step 8

Leave the Python folder unchanged, and click Next

Step 9

Click Install

Step 10

Click Finish. If selected earlier, the licensing wizard will follow immediately; otherwise, find and run the ArcGIS Administrator in the program. 

Step 11

Under ArcGIS for Desktop, choose Advanced (ArcInfo) Single Use if yours is a standalone workstation, and you have the ".prvc" provisioning file ready to use. Then click Authorize Now.

Step 12

Select I have received an authorization file... then click the Browse button to find the provisioning file that you downloaded. The provisioning file is named with the ".prvc" suffix and may be in your Downloads folder.

Step 13

When your .prvc file is properly showing in the browse window, click Next.

Step 14

Authorize with Esri now, assuming you are connected to the Internet.

Step 15

Complete the required fields as needed and click Next.

Step 16

Make appropriate selections, then click Next.

Step 17

The Authorization Numbers are taken from that PRVC file; do not change them, and click Next

Step 18

Authorize the extenstions, and click Next

Step 19

Chose whether or not you want to authorize any exentions and click Next

Step 20

If authorization fails, Cancel and try again. Otherwise, click Finish.

Step 21

Now you should find ArcMap among your apps. Open and run it. 

Step 22

From the Customize menu choose Extensions.

Step 23

Check off the extensions you might want in the future and then Close. You are now ready to use the ArcGIS Desktop apps.