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Telephone Service - Phones and Accessories


The following phone models are installed at CU Boulder:

Cisco 3905 Wall Phone

  • Cisco Unified SIP Phone 3905 User Guide​Cisco 3905 Wall Phone
  • Single line IP phone with support for up to two concurrent calls
  • Graphical 128x32-pixel monochrome display with a two-way navigation button
  • Full duplex speakerphone for flexibility with hands-free communications
  • Fixed keys for common telephony features: hold, redial, transfer, and mute
  • Foldable, single-position display stand to simplify wall-mount deployments

Cisco 8851 Phone 

  • Visit the Cisco VoIP page for more about model 8851 phones
  • Cisco 8851 PhoneSupport for up to 5 lines and both single- and multiple-call-per-line appearance for added flexibility in call management
  • More intuitive, easier-to-use experience with the highest-resolution, backlit, graphical widescreen VGA, 800- x 480-pixel displays in the Cisco IP Phone portfolio (grayscale or color is model-dependent)
  • Increased productivity with easier navigation of menus and call-transaction status using the 5-way navigation cluster and 4 context sensitive soft-label keys
  • Enhanced tactile feel and reduced errant dialing with rounded ergonomic fixed keys
  • Fixed keys for commonly used functions including messaging, directory, services, transfer, conference, mute, headset, speakerphone, hold, and release
  • Gigabit Ethernet-integrated switches to reduce IT administration and cabling costs at the desk while efficiently and effectively processing the traffic from a collocated multimedia PC
  • Reduced energy costs and carbon footprint in off-work hours with support from  Cisco EnergyWise® technology
  • Optional wall-mount kit to deploy in more space-constrained environments


External Bell

  • Used on analog lines
  • Use when one extension is answered by more than one person
  • Rings when your telephone rings
  • When centrally located can easily be heard throughout a large area

Handset Cord

  • Every phone is being installed with a 6 ft. long handset cord, but 12ft. and 25ft. long cords are available

Mounting Cord

  • New phones are being connected to the user’s existing data cable typically connected to their PC or docking station. A 10-foot long Cat 6 Ethernet cable is provided to each user for connecting their PC or docking station to their phone.
  • Longer cables (14ft. or 25ft.) are available.


OIT will not be supporting existing headsets in use with AVAYA Phones on the new Cisco Phones.

  • OIT will not be providing adapters for existing wired headsets and therefore will NOT be moving wired headsets to the new Cisco Phones during the conversion.
  • Wireless headsets on AVAYA phones are not expected to work with the new Cisco Phones.
  • OIT will not be providing any headsets (wired, wireless, or Bluetooth) to users.
  • Existing headset users who still need or want a headset will need to procure a new headset solution that is compatible with their new Cisco phone.

Options for continued use of your headset: 

  • Buy an adapter to re-use their existing corded headset with their new Cisco phone. (Note: Wired headsets used with Cisco phones will no longer be supported by OIT.)
  • Buy a new wired headset that is compatible with their new Cisco phone.
  • Buy a Bluetooth headset that is compatible with their new Cisco phone.
  • Buy a wireless headset (non-Bluetooth) that is compatible with their new Cisco phone.
  • Users should contact their departmental purchasing agent to procure a compatible headset solution for their new Cisco phone from the CU Marketplace.
  • Headsets for Call Center Agents: OIT will be working directly with Contact Centers to address this issue for their agents.