Canvas - Request a Course

Last Updated: 02/26/2020

Course Types

Three types of courses can be created in Canvas:

  • Official CU Boulder courses that are for credit and non-credit.
  • Community courses that are not connected to an official CU Boulder course.
  • Sandbox courses you can use to explore Canvas or use as a space to develop your course before copying what you create into your official or community course. Once created, the course will be available immediately to the instructor.

Academic Courses 

Request an academic course

Request changes to your academic course

Community Courses

  • Community courses can be used for orientations, trainings, workshops or any other activity that could benefit from having an online group space. Faculty, Staff and Recognized Student Organizations can request a community course, and any CU Boulder affiliate with an IdentiKey can participate in a community course. Complete the Community Course Request Form to get started.

Sandbox Courses