Microsoft Teams - FAQ

Last Updated: 03/10/2020


What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration tool that integrates with other Microsoft Office 365 services, including OneDrive, SharePoint, Skype, Planner, as well as other third-party connectors and apps for a dynamic team working space.

Who can use Teams?

All CU Boulder Students, Faculty and Staff with Office 365 accounts are able to access and use Microsoft Teams.

How do I get a team provisioned?

To request a Microsoft Team in Office 365, submit the New Microsoft Team Request form on the OIT Messaging and Collaboration Request Portal. Learn more about the requirements for requesting a team before submitting your request.

How can I use teams? Is there a desktop or mobile app?
Where can I learn more about using Teams?

OIT recommends visiting the Microsoft Teams Help Center for help getting started and to find trainings about Teams features.

If you have provisioning trouble or would like to arrange an in-person training for your department, email

How do I schedule or join a Teams meeting?

Microsoft provides thorough documentation related to using meetings and call functionality within Teams. To learn specifically about how to join a Teams meeting by app, browser, or phone, visit Microsoft's Join a teams meeting page.

Upgrading from Skype to Teams

What is Teams Only mode?

Departments that are already heavily using Teams may switch to Teams Only mode in order to transition away from Skype for Business. In Teams Only mode, when users log into Skype for Business (Windows or Mac), they see a message about the change. If already logged into Skype, users may need to exit and log back in before this screen comes up.

What does Teams Only do?

Users in Teams Only migration mode will have the following experience:

  • Receive chats from internal and external Skype for Business users in Teams
  • Use Teams to chat with Skype for Business users in other organizations, if the external users are not yet licensed for Teams
  • Participate in audio/video calls from internal and external Skype for Business users in Teams
  • Continue to join Skype meetings using the Skype for Business client
  • View old chat history in the Skype client
  • Presence status is only shown from the Microsoft Teams client, making for a more accurate view of your temmates status
  • Both parties in a chat will see indication that user is using Teams or Skype
  • Chat with users on the Skype Consumer platform
What happens to my Skype History?

You will still have access to view old chat history in the Skype client. Any new chats or meetings you have in Teams will only show up in Teams.

What if I need to meet with someone outside of my department who still uses Skype?

TeamsOnly is fully integrated with Skype, so you will be able to join audio/video calls from internal and external Skype for Business users in Teams. Chat is also integrated, you will simply see an indication about which platform other participants are using.

Can I still use Skype?

Microsoft has announced that Microsoft Teams will replace Skype for Business as the collaboration, chat, calling and meeting platform for Office 365. OIT is actively assessing impacts to existing Skype users and planning for migration. OIT encourages users to start using Teams now in order to get used to the platform before being forced to move, however, if you still need to use Skype for Business or if you're unsure of what to do and want to learn more, email us at