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CUClickers Help - Student Resources

Last Updated: 01/08/2021

Using iClicker Reef

For the Spring 2021 semester, CU students do not need to purchase an iClicker Reef subscription to use mobile polling. Create a free iClicker Reef account now!

iClicker Reef is software students can use to review clicker questions and answers, as well as vote in a remote learning environment. For hybrid learning, students can use iClicker Reef on their mobile device or computer. For in-person learning, students should use an iClicker remote.

Sharing iClicker Remotes

You can share an iClicker remote with another student as long as you are not attending the same section of a class.

iClicker Reef Study Tools

iClicker Reef enables you to review questions, create flashcards, see your unedited clicker score, and quiz yourself on the material. Please review the How to Use Study Tools tutorial for more information.