UCB Files Storage

Last Updated: 02/26/2020


OIT's premier file service, UCB Files provides individuals and groups a backed-up storage solution on a per-GB basis. Available for faculty and staff at a reasonable monthly rate.

  • Individual file storage spaces
  • Group file storage spaces for collaboration
  • Revision history available on files


  • Provides a back-up resource for your files in case your computer is ever lost or inoperable.
  • Files can be accessed from more than one computer.
  • Group membership and access permissions for members can be set by the owner of the group.


Learn more about the cost associated with this service on the Pricing and Storage Limits page.

Who can get it

UCB Files storage service is available for faculty and staff. Accounts can be for individuals or groups.

How to get it

Email oithelp@colorado.edu for more information.