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Service Restored: Networking issues impacting various campus IT services, including campus VOIP phone service

Submitted by gilmere on Tue, 03/16/2021 - 2:35 PM

Start Date & Time

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Service Restored at 5:45 pm on 3/16/21: All known issues related to to the network disruption have been resolved. Call center and VoIP services are operational.

Issue update 3:48 pm on 3/16/2021: OIT services are slowly being restored, which is also affecting the campus VOIP phone system (includes call centers and office phones). PLEASE NOTE: Calls to 911 on campus and the CUPD non-emergency dispatch number are not affected by this outage.

Issue Reported at 2:32 pm on 3/16/2021: OIT is investigating a networking issue impacting various IT services, including but not limited to the campus call centers. No ETA at this time.