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Grace Hopper

Research Computing to introduce NVIDIA Grace-Hopper nodes to Alpine supercomputer

Submitted by jach7912 on

CU Boulder Research Computing will soon offer access to two nodes featuring the NVIDIA Grace-Hopper architecture. This new offering, part of CU’s Alpine supercomputer, will provide a state-of-the-art resource for researchers on campus and within the Rocky Mountain Advanced Computing Consortium

Research Computing supports researchers running advanced workflows. With the rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning models, as well as continued breakthroughs in quantum computing, it is critical to offer technology to meet these evolving needs. The Grace-Hopper computers, rolled out to a select number of institutions in late 2023, contribute significantly to such cutting-edge efforts. By facilitating sharing memory and enabling faster communication between the CPU and the GPU, Grace-Hopper nodes speed up time to science for advanced computing workloads. 

CU is excited to offer the Grace-Hopper nodes via Alpine to our researchers. Rollout is planned for later this year.