Archived: Get Your Grades, Class Schedule and Book Lists on Your Mobile Devices

Last Updated: 04/03/2017

Mobile MyCUInfo, located at, and the MyCUInfo app for Android and iOS, make it possible for students to check their grades, view class schedules and location, book lists and more, all on a smartphone or other mobile device. The schedules, books, and grades you can access in the Student tab of MyCUInfo are presented in a mobile-friendly format so you always have them with you.

When your finals end and you’re checking every hour for the posting of your grades, you can now do it through the convenience of your smartphone. And next semester don't forget to use it to find your class schedule information including the time, location, and instructor. The site even uses your mobile device’s location functionality to map your route to the classroom building by car, bike or foot. You can also see schedule information from the most recent past semester and up to two future semesters.

At Mobile MyCUInfo, there’s no need to download an app; you simply log in to the website using your IdentiKey. So whether you’re looking up your grades, shopping for your text books, trying to find your classroom, or just want to double-check your class schedule, do it all from the convenience of your mobile devices at


Scan this code to open Mobile MyCUInfo: