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Information security awareness training requirement

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A message from OIT’s IT Security team

Please complete your information security awareness training by December 31.

As announced in an October 2 email sent to all employees from Chief Information Security Officer David Capps, the CU System has a requirement that all employees must complete the Information Security Awareness (ISA) training in Skillsoft on a recurring basis. This link should take you directly to the course after passing the portal login.

CU Boulder is lagging behind the other campuses and System Office and, at less than 50 percent completion rate today, we need your help to boost our compliance! This training is essential for CU Boulder employees to empower you with knowledge that will keep you working smoothly with peace of mind that your systems are safe and secure. 

The policy requirements
  • All new employees at CU Boulder must take the ISA training within the first 60 days of employment.  
  • After that, all employees are required to take the training every two years.  

Why is this important
  • We are facing an unprecedented volume of threats to our systems and data, and end users are frequently targeted by progressively sophisticated attacks. This training is designed to help all our staff and faculty recognize the importance of the role they play in campus IT security.  
  • It will help you recognize suspicious activity that needs to be reported and learn how to apply safeguards in your daily work routines.

For more information about the ISA training, please visit the OIS website.

We understand that this is a busy time of year and training may not be top of mind for you. We hope that before the end of the year, you are able to find some time to complete the training. We appreciate you doing your part as an IT security champion to protect your work, as the campus becomes stronger when we are all vigilant against hackers and scammers.