Breadcrumb TourArchived: Change to Grades in Canvas Courses Starting April 10

Last Updated: 10/10/2018

Beginning on Tuesday, April 10, students will see a letter grade in the Grades tool in Canvas (calculated from the grades that have been provided to date) where they previously saw only a percentage.

This change is being made so that later this semester, OIT’s Canvas support team can release new functionality that will improve the experience you have when submitting final grades to the Registrar’s web grading system. This spring, you will be able to export your final grades from Canvas in a format ready for immediate upload into the web grading system.

The Registrar’s web grading system requires instructors to use letter grades when submitting final course grades. In order to prepare courses for the new functionality, we need to apply a letter-based grading scheme to all courses in Canvas.

We will be applying the grade scheme below on Tuesday, April 10.

Default Grading Scheme in Canvas
Name Range
A 100% to 94%
A- < 94% to 90%
B+ < 90% to 87%
B < 87% to 83%
B- < 83% to 80%
C+ < 80% to 77%
C < 77% to 73%
C- < 73% to 70%
D+ < 70% to 67%
D < 67% to 63%
D- < 63% to 60%
F < 60% to 0%

Once the scheme is applied to courses, a letter grade will appear after the numerical grade in the Total column in Canvas gradebooks as shown below.


100%  A

87.5%  B+

How can Instructors prepare for this change?

  • If you do not want students to see their total letter grade yet, you can hide the total letter grade before this change. This tutorial will show you how.  
  • If the default grade scheme doesn’t align with the grade scheme you use in your course, you can create and apply a new grade scheme. This tutorial will show you how.

Note that if you already have a custom grading scheme in your course, it will not be overwritten.

For more information about grade schemes in Canvas, visit the OIT website. Should you have questions or concerns about this change, please contact the IT Service Center at (303)735-4357 or