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Boost Your Resume and Skillset Over Winter Break

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A person using a laptop on a bed with a dog curled up.In a 2016 survey conducted by PayScale, over 60,000 managers gave their opinions about skills students need (and at times lack) after college. They identified the top four skills that students needed to improve: writing, public speaking, use of industry-specific software and analytics.

Whether you’re trying to land a job or internship, or want to attain certifications and explore new topics, use some of your free time over winter break to take advantage of Skillsoft’s 28,000 educational resources. They can give your skillset and resume the boost they need.

Get started!

Here’s how students can access all the educational resources of Skillsoft:

  1. Log on to MyCUInfo
  2. Click Training, in the lower right navigation
  3. Click Start Skillsoft
  4. Select Library from the top of the screen
  5. Select your student campus folder
  6. Select a topic from Categories
  7. Select a course and click LAUNCH

Once you’re signed in, search for any of the Skillsoft book, video and course topics listed below and begin building your skills in these four areas. Don’t forget to explore other subjects that pique your interest!

Increase your: Use Skillsoft courses, videos and books that cover:
Writing proficiency
  • Improving technical writing skills
  • Business writing
  • Grammar and more
Public speaking know-how
  • Overcoming fear of public speaking
  • Writing and preparing effective speeches and more
Industry-specific software
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Python and more
Aptitude in analytics
  • Analytical techniques used for business analysis
  • Predictive analytics and big data
  • Business analysis analytical techniques and more