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Create Your Spring 2018 Courses Now

Submitted by stauffeg on

If you’re teaching a course in the spring and are planning to use Canvas or D2L, now is a great time to create your course. If you’re not sure which learning management system to use, here are some considerations to help you decide.


  • After spring 2019, Canvas will be the only available LMS. 

  • D2L is updating its look and feel in August 2018. Switching to Canvas now means that you only have to learn one new tool! 

  • Concerned about rebuilding your course in Canvas? Good news! Your content will be migrated from D2L. 

  • If you are developing a brand new course, why not start in Canvas? Canvas streamlines the course set up experience. 


  • D2L is being retired at the end of spring 2019. If you won’t be teaching after spring 2019, you might not want to learn Canvas. 

  • Need more time to consider the move to Canvas? Take your time. You can log-in to Canvas at anytime to try things out in your sandbox. If you don’t see a sandbox, fill out the sandbox request form and one will be created for you.

These instructions will walk you through how to create a course in Canvas. Here is how to create a course in D2L. For more information about the move to Canvas, visit the Desire2Learn to Canvas Migration website