Breadcrumb TourArchived: Get Your Voicemail Delivered by Email

Last Updated: 04/27/2019

Want to get your CU Boulder voicemail delivered to your email inbox? Then sign up for the Single Inbox/SpeechView service.

OIT offers a telephony feature called Single Inbox/SpeechView (SIB/SV) for users who currently have a voice mailbox on the CU Boulder campus telephone system. The SIB/SV service provides an alternative way of receiving and listening to your work voicemail. You will still be able to dial into the CU Boulder voicemail system to retrieve messages, but SIB/SV will additionally deliver a speech-to-text transcription and a .wav audio file attachment to your email inbox.

This feature is only available for use on phone lines associated with a single-user IdentiKey and will not function for shared, group or general (not assigned to a specific person) phone numbers. To prevent the written transcription and email transmission of highly confidential information, the SIB/SV feature is prohibited for any user who may receive this type of information by telephone. Visit the IT Security Policies website for more information about highly confidential information.

Single Inbox/SpeechView is a service offering available only to campus faculty and staff who are using the OIT Exchange Online email service. If you are using an email service other than this, the SIB/SV service will not function. This service also does not work with accounts that forward to an off-campus email service.

You can order the SIB/SV service by going directly to the Service Request Form. Once the request is received by OIT, the service will be activated, usually within one week. You will receive a confirmation email once the service has been activated.

To learn more about the Single Inbox/SpeechView feature please visit the Single Inbox/SpeechView service page. Please note that telephone liaisons cannot order this service on behalf of employees in their department. The Service Request Form requires that a requestor enter their CU Boulder username and IdentiKey password.