Accounts - Sponsored Affiliates

Last Updated: 05/01/2018


Sponsored accounts are accounts that may be created when an unaffiliated individual needs an email address through CU or needs other IdentiKey resources for official university needs and an HR appointment, including POI, is not a possibility. Users are those who are performing some function for the university, such as research or visiting faculty, etc. The user must be sponsored by a current CU Boulder affiliated faculty or staff member. Note: requests originating from the person being sponsored will not be honored.

Requesting an account for a Sponsored Affiliate

Please note that a sponsored account must be requested by the CU Boulder affiliated faculty or staff member sponsoring the user. Direct user requests will not be honored. The IT Service Center needs the following information to process sponsorship requests:

  • Full legal name of individual to be sponsored*
  • Birth date* (CUIdM uses this email address for account claiming)
  • Gender*
  • Length of sponsorship (up to 1 year)
  • A personal email address (CUIdM uses this email address for account claiming)
  • List the reason for the sponsorship, which must be fulfilling a function for the university
  • An email with the above information must be sent to from the sponsor's CU Boulder email address.

*This information is used to determine if an account already exists. 


E-mail and Calendar Service

What is it:

  • Your email address and a collaborative calendar service.

Who gets it:

  • All faculty and staff members.

Why you should use it:

  • Email is an official means of communication on the CU Boulder campus. You will receive important information via email from the university.

How to access it:

  • You'll use your IdentiKey to log in.
  • Depending on what department you are being sponsored by, your email and calendar service will be on one of the two services:
  • Check with your department to learn which service you will be using. Then click on one of the links above to learn more.

When you get it:

  • G Suite accounts
  • Exchange accounts
    • You or a representative from your department will need to make a request to the IT Service Center. From there, wait to hear from OIT about your account's status.

Manage it:

  • CU Boulder's Identity Manager allows you to set how your outgoing email address is displayed, create alternate addresses, and adjust where your email is delivered to.

What is it:

An IdentiKey consists of a CU login name and an IdentiKey password. IdentiKeys play a large role in computing at CU Boulder. An IdentiKey gives you access to:

  • MyCUInfo, the student and employee portal
  • Email services 
  • Computer in OIT computing labs
  • UCB Wireless network.
  • Desire2Learn, online learning environment.
  • SkillSoft computer based training.
  • IdentiKey is managed through CU Boulder's Identity Manager.

Learn more about IdentiKey, including how to activate at the IdentiKey page.

Activate it:

Learn more about IdentiKey, including how to activate it at the IdentiKey page.

Manage it:

Once your account is activated you can log in to all those services listed above. Use CU Boulder's Identity Manager to change your password, or reset it if you've forgotten it.