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Microsoft Defender Quarantine - Edit your Safe and Blocked senders list

Follow this tutorial to edit your blocked or safe senders list in Microsoft Defender Quarantine.

Looking to release Quarantined emails? Visit the Microsoft Defender Quarantine - Release and delete emails tutorial.

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Log in to your Outlook Web Account. Click on the Settings icon in the top right corner of the screen, then click View all Outlook settings.


Select Mail, then Junk email. From this menu you can search, add, and delete email addresses from your Safe Senders list. Please note that the Quarantine system will only use email addresses and not domains from your Safe Senders list. It's also recommended to review your Blocked Senders list regularly to ensure that no legitimate emails are being blocked.


When you click add, a field will pop up for you to type a new email address. After typing the email address in, hit enter, then the Save button