IdentiKey Manager - Manage Email & Calendar Service

Last Updated: 02/14/2019
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This tutorial is operating system independent.


This tutorial shows how to edit your email address format and calendaring options in IdentiKey Manager. 

Faculty and staff can only specify an address that ends in one of the following domains: Colorado.EDU  

Please note: Users can also add an alternate email address routing rule to their account without creating an account on the server. To add an alternate email address to your account, contact the IT Service Center at 303-735-4357 (5-HELP from an on campus phone) or email

Step 1

Go to the IdentiKey Manager website ( and select Manage my Email and Calendar Service. 

Step 2

Log in to CU Boulder's Federated Identity Service using your CU Login Name and IdentiKey password.

Step 3

The Manage Email and Calendar Service page has several options you can edit. Select the Campus published email address drop down displays your current published address. Click the dropdown to see other options available. 

Step 4

Select the address you'd like to be your published address. Click save to complete the change. 

Step 5

Your current email service will be displayed under Preferred Email and Calendar Service. If you need to change this, click the Change Email and Calendar Service button to enter another service. Click save when finished. 

Please note: You will be required to manage any migration of email, and you may need departmental approval to move away from the OIT recommended email and calendaring service.