eduroam - Android Setup and Connect

Last Updated: 08/16/2017
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The following documentation shows the process of getting your Android device setup to connect to the eduroam secure wireless network.

*Note: You will be required to set a passcode for your phone when using eduroam. Refer to the Unlockr's How to set a password on Android page for information on setting up a passcode on your Android device.

Step 1

Open a browser and go to the Android configuration start page (

Note: Use UCB Wireless, Guest wireless, or another network to download and first sign in to this app. Also be aware that eduroam will fail or show out of range if you’re not on campus while trying to connect.

Step 2

Tap the Download button.

Step 3

In the Secure W2 JoinNow screen in the Google Play store, tap Install.

Step 4

In the needs access to... screen tap Accept.

Step 5

Once the application finishes installing, tap Open.

Step 6

Type your CULoginName and your IdentiKey password in the Identikey username and Enter your password fields, then tap Continue.

*Note: If you have not setup the necessary device passcode, you will be prompted to do so at this step. Once you set your passcode, you will be returned to the credentials screen.

Step 7

You will now be setup and connected to the eduroam secure wireless network. Tap the Done button to exit the app and a browser window should open.

*Note: If this screen does not appear and a failed to connect to the network message appears, return to the Android configuration start page from step 1, then click the JoinNow button. You will be prompted to re-enter your credentials, as shown in step 6.