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DDS - Service Level Agreement (SLA) Process

You will receive an email that looks like this:

SLA email message

one column
two columns


This first link in the email message takes you to the DDS - Service Level Agreement policy page, which outlines this year’s full Service Level Agreement.

Note: If you receive a Security Warning indicating that Macros have been disabled, click Enable Content (as shown to the left).


The second link in the email message will result in downloading your custom Word Document that has the exact terms of the agreement. This lists the bottom line charge generated by taking into account the billable count and the date range (which typically the full academic year unless you are a new customer who started partway through the year).


The third link will take you to a Sharepoint form that you can fill out and submit in lieu of signature. The link will goes to a special page at this location:

You may* be asked to enter your normal IdentiKey username and password.

*On systems that OIT manages, simply logging in to your computer may be enough to identify you to the OIT DDS web site. In those cases, you may not be prompted with a username and password.


Once you login (or automatically [see * from step 3]) you’ll see the form where you can enter any comments, Speedtype, and click the Sign button.

If you are not completely comfortable with the terms or the process, you can also click the I Need More Information button which will stop the process. Simply close your browser tab at this point and the OIT DDS Manager who initiated the process will contact you to discuss your concerns.


If you click the Sign button, you’ll then see a new screen that shows the process has a status of Completed

You may close your browser tab at this point, you’re done! 


At this point you will receive a confirmation email (example shown to the left) stating your portion of this process has been completed.


Once OIT performs the funds transfer, you will receive one final confirmation email message (example shown to the left).