Technology Resources for Working Remotely

Last Updated: 05/12/2020

When you need to work from home or work remotely, the list below will help you stay connected to your peers and be productive away from campus.

General Guidance for Working Remotely

Identify the computer that you will use to work remotely.
Bring equipment, tools, files, and even plants to your remote office.
Review tips for working productively, remotely.
Verify that you can connect to campus resources from home, including the VPN, and that your internet connection is reliable.
Forward your phone calls or change your voicemail greeting to reflect your change in location.
Plan with others in your department about how you will meet and collaborate, as well as setting expectations for working remotely.
Find Guidance for IT Hardware and Software Purchases.
Know how to contact IT support when you have trouble.
 Stay informed with what is happening on campus.

Tips for working remotely

Connect to campus resources

Connecting to CU Boulder's VPN

Collaborate, message, and meet with peers

To provide a cohesive unified experience to our campus community, it is highly recommend that you utilize the campus’ supported tools. CU Boulder needs a familiar and streamlined approach during this stressful time and a proliferation of a variety of tools, without sufficient support, will further disrupt the task at hand.

Chat or Meet in Microsoft Teams

Collaborate using Office 365 tools

Utilize G Suite for collaboration

Phone settings and Voicemail access

Forward Your Campus Phone

Access Your Voicemail

IT Hardware and Software Purchases

The Procurement Service Center (PSC) has issued advice on IT Hardware & Software Purchases in response to the COVID-19 situation. As of March 2020, the PSC’s published information states that “IT hardware and software purchases should route through campus IT organizations prior to purchase.” When inquiring with the PSC, CU Boulder staff are directed to OIT to approve any non-standard hardware purchases. Because OIT does not purchase personal computer equipment for employees, we are issuing the following guidance in place of an authorized exception:

  • You are encouraged to contact your IT desktop support to determine if they can help you with a solution so that you can avoid a purchase.
  • Individual faculty and staff should consult with their department purchasers rather than purchase on their own.
  • Department purchasers should follow the recommendations from the PSC.
  • If department purchasers determine that an exception to the purchasing method is in order, or wish to have the item shipped directly to an employee’s home and skip campus delivery, OIT recommends following the procedure(s) below.

Procedure to purchase with a P-Card rather than the CU Marketplace

Procedure to ship an item directly to an employee’s home

Get IT Support

Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Emergency Preparedness