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Hybrid Work Recommendations - Your Network Access

Your VPN Usage

As a staff member, I need direction on the proper usage of the VPN so that I can protect my data.

When working remotely, many of the resources and tools to complete your daily work do not require the use of the CU's VPN. A few that do include the following:

Note: Some countries outside the United States filter internet traffic. As a result, access to some CU resources (including VPN) may be restricted. Such restrictions are outside of CU's control and can change frequently. OIT is unable to know which resources may not be accessed from countries outside the United States.

You Campus Wireless Options

Service Available For Features and When To Use It Does a user need to connect to the VPN when using this service?

UCB Wireless

All CU Boulder affiliates with an active IdentiKey

UCB Wireless provides access to the network in approximately 90% of all indoor building space on campus and is the network that faculty, staff, and students should use, unless they are visiting an eduroam institution.

To gain access to a privileged system a user may need to use a VPN to access those resources.  Most daily work does not need a VPN to work (mail, calendar, Canvas, Teams, Zoom, etc.). A user may wish to protect their data in flight with a VPN since UCB Wireless is considered an unsecure network meaning unencrypted traffic is viewable by computers on the same wireless channel.

eduroam Secure Wireless

Visitors from participating eduroam institutions or for CU Boulder affiliates who are visiting other eduroam institutions.

A federated wireless network service available on the CU Boulder campus as well as hundreds of other institutions in the United States and worldwide.

To gain access to a privileged system a user may need to use a VPN to access those resources. Since this network is considered secured a VPN is not needed to protect their traffic in flight. 

Guest Wireless

Any guest visiting the CU Boulder campus.

Wireless access for CU Boulder visitors that doesn't require an IdentiKey. Connections last for 24 hours.

All employees with an IdentiKey should avoid using this network since it is for visitors and only allows certain protocols.