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Windows 11 Release Information

Windows 11 Release Information

Microsoft's most recent operating system, Windows 11, comes pre-installed on some new PCs* and is available as an upgrade for compatible computers. For a full listing of new features, please visit Microsoft's official Windows 11 website.

*Please note: For the time being, Dell computers in the CU Marketplace will continue to have Windows 10 installed. To purchase Dell computers with Windows 11 pre-installed, create a custom quote with the university’s Dell account team.

Recommendation: Wait to upgrade 

As with many new operating system releases, there are initially a number of incompatibilities with regularly used applications, and this is also the case with Windows 11. OIT recommends waiting to upgrade as we test OIT-supported services for incompatibilities.

OIT recommends that before upgrading to any new operating system, ensure your most used applications are compatible by checking the compatibility issues testing information below, or by contacting the vendor directly. You may also want to visit Microsoft's system requirements for Windows 11 to ensure your device can run this operating system.

If you choose to upgrade and run into problems that cannot be resolved, you may need to revert to an earlier version of Windows, which entails backing up your files and doing a fresh install. For assistance, please schedule an appointment to bring your computer to the OIT Buff Techs Walk-In Center, contact Dedicated Desktop Support, or email the IT Service Center at

Dedicated Desktop Support Customers

Computers that are enrolled in Dedicated Desktop Support will be prevented from upgrading to Windows 11 as OIT works to resolve compatibility issues with standard applications and campus IT infrastructure. In the meantime, if you are supported by DDS and are interested in upgrading or have any questions, please contact your DDS Technician.

Compatibility Testing

Testing of Windows 11 is currently being conducted by OIT. As we test compatibility with campus services and supported software, we will report the results on this page. Before you upgrade to Windows 11, check this page to ensure compatibility with software, services, and systems you use the most.

Application Compatible with Windows 11?  Updates 
Adobe Acrobat Adobe Acrobat DC is compatible with Windows 11. Visit Adobe's System Requirements page to learn more
Adobe Creative Cloud Adobe is currently testing apps to make them fully compatible with Windows 11. Visit Adobe's Apps compatible with Windows 11 information to check current status.
Cisco AnyConnect OIT is currently testing this service for compatibility. 
Microsoft Teams OIT is currently testing this service for compatibility. 
Zoom  OIT is currently testing this service for compatibility.