CU on Coursera Pilot

Last Updated: 09/17/2019

What is CU on Coursera?

CU on Coursera offers 100+ courses taught by University of Colorado faculty at CU Boulder, CU Anschutz Medical Campus, CU Denver, and CU Colorado Springs. These courses are available at no cost to all students, faculty, and staff at any of the four CU campuses or system office.

What can I do with CU on Coursera? 

CU on Coursera gives you the opportunity to learn from faculty across the University of Colorado system. Benefit from a diverse range of educational offerings on subjects ranging from effective communication to cybersecurity and much more. Courses are online and self-paced, so you can learn anywhere, anytime.


  • Self-paced, 3-6 week courses
  • Flexible scheduling to meet your learning needs
  • Interactive videos, readings, and resources
  • Practice exercises and graded assessments to evaluate your knowledge and provide you with feedback
  • Earn and share Course and Specialization Certificates on your LinkedIn profile and/or with businesses and employers

Access CU on Coursera

Log in to CU on Coursera through MyCUinfo. Use the Accessing CU on Coursera tutorial for help logging in using your IdentiKey credentials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay for CU on Coursera?

No, access to these non-credit courses and programs, and the Coursera certificates they offer, is free and sponsored by CU.

Are all courses on Coursera available for free as a part of this program?

No. CU on Coursera is a unique offering of curated University of Colorado courses and programs offered by faculty across our four campuses. Coursera offers thousands of additional courses offered by other colleges and universities on their public platform, separate from the CU on Coursera program. Not all of them are available at no cost.  Each course, certificate, degree etc. will display that information before you enroll.

Is there a limit to the number of courses I can take?

No. You can take as many courses as you would like at your own pace.

Can I use the Tuition Assistance Benefit on Coursera?

No. CU on Coursera courses are offered at no cost.  Any courses or degree programs outside of this are up to the individual to pay for.

Will I earn university credit when I finish a course?

No, these courses and programs are offered as non-credit learning opportunities. Completion certificates can be shared and are verifiable, but no academic credit or transcript is attached.

I’m a faculty member – can I use this program?

Yes. Faculty can use CU on Coursera courses for professional development, as study aids and auxiliary educational materials, and for flipped classroom experiences. CU Boulder faculty members interested in creating their own Coursera course can visit the Provost's Office for Academic Innovation to learn more and get started.

I’m a staff member – can I use this program?

Yes. Staff can use CU on Coursera courses for professional development, personal enrichment, and any other educational purpose.

I’m a student – can I use this program?

Yes. Students can use CU on Coursera courses for professional development, personal enrichment, and to supplement any education program they are pursuing at CU.

I already have a Coursera account with a different email address. Can I still use CU on Coursera?

Yes! When you follow the instructions to “Login with University of Colorado” from the Coursera platform, Coursera may ask you if you want to merge your accounts. We recommend that you do not merge, and keep your accounts separate. You’ll be able to access CU on Coursera courses for free, and your personal Coursera account can be used to access courses on the rest of the Coursera platform (note: some courses require a fee).

I’m not sure how to use the Coursera platform, where can I get help?

Coursera offers robust learner support. Visit the Coursera Learner Help Center for technical and platform support.

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