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UCB Wireless Quality Reporter - FAQ

What type of device do I need in order to use this app?

The UCB Wireless Quality Reporter is designed for use on iOS or Android phones.

What is the purpose of this app?

This app allows you (student, faculty, or staff) to voluntarily share your opinion of the performance of UCBWireless Wi-Fi based on your campus location.

What information does the app gather?

This app collects the time and date of your submission, the Wi-Fi access point to which you are connected, the signal strength received by your device, your MAC address (a unique identifier to your device), and the GPS coordinates of your device at the time of your button click report. 

How is the information used?

OIT is interested in analyzing trends amongst a collective data pool - not individual reports.  That means your report will not generate a service request, and no one will contact you about the information you provide.

Where is my information stored?

The information collected by this application is stored on premises in the CU Boulder Private Cloud.

Do I have to give permission to share my location in order for it to work?

The app uses your location information to determine which access point you are connected to. This is crucial information for OIT to gather in order to understand where and what isn’t working in regards to the UCBWireless Wi-Fi service.

Please note: The app will not function on Android unless location permission is enabled for the UCB Wireless Quality Reporter.

Does my report actually make a difference?

Yes!  The more submissions we receive, the more valuable the information becomes as a whole. This information will aid OIT in identifying where campus Wi-Fi needs to be improved.

What if I want individualized support?

While we will not be reaching out to you on the basis of your submission through the UCB Wireless Quality Reporter, contact the IT Service Center at 303-735-4357 (5-HELP from a campus phone) or email for one-on-one support for any campus technology needs.

If my connection to UCB Wireless is interrupted, how can my report be submitted?

If your device in unable to submit the report initially, your device will cache the information and submit it once you have successfully reconnected to UCB Wireless.

Will someone follow up with me about my report?

This app collects information about UCBWireless and your device, but does not record your identity. Therefore you will not receive any direct feedback about your specific submission based on your report. Contact OIT by calling 303-735-4357 (5-HELP from a campus phone) or by sending an email to for one-on-one support for any campus technology needs.

What is the best way to use this app?

Open the app anywhere you can connect to UCBWireless, and then click on the face which most resembles your current experience (good, medium, or bad). The time, your location, and other details of your device and the Wi-Fi signal will be submitted to OIT.

How should I rate the Wi-Fi?

Some people have asked what factors they should consider when deciding the quality of Wi-Fi. The answer? It is purely subjective. Simply give your opinion based on YOUR experience.

I have more questions or comments. Who should I contact?

You may contact OIT by calling 303-735-4357 (5-HELP from a campus phone) or by sending an email to Submit the Network Troubleshooting form to report network issues.