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Microsoft Teams - Known Issues

Teams Button missing in Outlook for Mac

  • Issue: Outlook for Mac users may not see a Teams Meeting button in your Outlook new meeting toolbar.
  • Resolution: This issue is due to your computer either running old software or a volume license version of Office 2019 for Mac, rather than the Office 365 version. To fix, DDS customers can run an uninstall script to remove the volume license and activate an Office 365 instance. Non-DDS supported customers need to check and upgrade their Outlook software

Instructions for DDS Customers

  1. If you're a DDS customer, open the Mac Self Service software catalog.
  2. Select the Microsoft Office - Remove Volume License installer.

  3. When you click the Remove button, a caution will appear with a list of instructions that you need to follow completely in order to successfully install the Office 365 version. Please make sure you understand all these instructions before clicking Remove again.

  4. Open the Outlook main menu and select Activate Office.

  5. Log in to Office 365 with your and IdentiKey password.

  6. Outlook will restart. When it opened again, the look of the toolbar will be slightly different and you should see the Teams Meeting button in Calendar invitations. If you do not see the button right away, try restarting your computer. 


Instructions for non-DDS customers

The Teams Meeting button should appear in the Outlook for Mac ribbon if Outlook is running Production Build 16.20 and later.

  1. Check your Outlook version in the Outlook menu under About Outlook

  2. If your version is older that 16.20, visit the Microsoft ProPlus page to learn how to download the latest version of Office to update your software.